2018 Short-Term Global Outreach Trip Application


What's the purpose of Eastview's short term mission trips?

  • To encourage, work alongside, pray over and partner with the long-term ministry of our Global Partners
  • To embrace Eastview's relationship with our Global Partners and leave them feeling valued and supported
  • To expose our church family to God's Global Church and the global realities in the world today.
  • To serve as a catalyst for developing Global Christians at Eastview. People who see the world as God sees it and are willing to invest their lives in blessing the nations.
  • To help make disciples who can make disciples.  To equip the local church and our Global Partners to reach their people.  We're not there to create new ministry, but create the capacity for our Global Partners to increase their ministries.
Where does Eastview Send Teams?

Eastview sends mission teams to work alongside our 4 Global Partners in Haiti, North Africa, India and Kenya.  We send teams strictly to our Global Partners because we have an on-going, long-term, fruit-bearing relationship with them.  We believe spiritual transformation is long-term and local, not short-term from afar.  And we believe in the long-term work being accomplished through the local church and our global partners to transform their people and so we partner with them in that effort.

Who is eligible to join an Eastview team?

Eastview has prayerfully set apart a series of baseline requirements for all leaders in the church, no matter the area in which they serve.  The heart behind these expectations is pure.  They are meant to create spiritual conversations not a legalistic checklist.  Philosophically, we view all our volunteers, including those on short-term mission trips, as leaders and as an extension of our staff, able to communicate and represent the vision of Eastview Christian Church and the Kingdom of God.  Thus, we humbly request that all trip applicants be:

  • Professing Followers of Jesus Christ
  • Regular attenders who love the mission and vision of ECC*
  • Baptized by immersion, or be in the process of taking steps toward that faith statement
  • Members, or be in the process of going through our monthly First Step classes*
  • Once accepted, team members 18 and older will be required to undergo a background check, if they have not already done so through ECC.
*On rare occasions, considering the unique circumstances of our global partners and the limited availability of our trips, these two requirements may be waived.  Examples might include ministry board members who attend other local churches, potential future supporting church leadership, individuals with unique skill sets requested and approved by the ministry board or family members of ECC trip participants.  These are exceptions that would be approved only by the Global Outreach department after reviewing all trip applications.

Please use the box below if you are participating in an Eastview Family Trip, or a child under the age of 13 is going to accompany you. (Children over 13 need to fill out their own application) Please list the following information for each child going on trip: First/Last Name, Gender, Age, Birthdate, T-shirt Size, will this trip be the 1st Mission Trip for this child, and if child has passport.

Reference If you attend Eastview, list a person who is a member of Eastview (a Pastor, Elder, Volunteer Leader whom you have served under). If you do not attend Eastview, please list someone you know from Eastview or a neighbor, co-worker, mentor, etc. as a reference.

The following three questions are regarding your physical and emotional well-being for a mission trip. A yes answer to any of these questions does not necessarily exclude you from participation in a trip, but based on the trip location, time of the year and team project, they may be key to your success. It is imperative that you be as honest as possible in answering these questions.

If anything changes for you in any of the following areas during the time leading up to your trip, please let us know. It is important your team leader to be aware of any limitations that may have developed.

Due to lack of ADA compliance in our destinations and the higher demands of physical activity, such a strenuous walking, rough terrain and potentially extreme heat: Do you have any physical limitation or disabilities that might impair you ability to fully participate on this team (even minor ones)?

Do you have any mental or emotional conditions (past or present) that might impact your ability to participate fully on this team or that your team leader needs to be aware of? (Anxiety, Depression)

Are there any previous experiences, diagnoses, fears or traumas that have occurred in your life that might be aggravated by a trip overseas?

What spiritual gifts have you identified in yourself, or others have identified for you?

Please check any specific skills/talents that God has gifted you with:








Global Outreach Ministries TEAM COVENANT

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen” Ephesians 4:29

As a team member, I agree to:
1. Remember that I am representing Jesus Christ and will model Jesus in my behavior and attitude.
2. Remember that I am a guest working at the invitation of my hosts. I will remember the missionary’s prayer, “Where you lead me I will follow. What you feed me I will swallow.”
3. Remember that we have come to learn as well as to teach. I’ll resist the temptation to inform our hosts about “how we do things.” I’ll be open to learning about other people’s methods and ideas.
4. Respect the host’s view of Christianity. I recognize Christianity has many faces throughout the world, and that the purpose of this trip is to experience faith lived out in a new setting.
5. Develop and maintain a servant attitude toward all nationals and my teammates.
6. Respect my team leader(s) and his or her decisions.
7. Refrain from gossip.
8. Refrain from complaining. I know that travel can present numerous unexpected and undesired circumstances. Instead of whining and complaining, I’ll be creative and supportive.
9. Attend all team meetings before the trip as well as any follow-up meetings.
10. Remember not to be exclusive in my relationships and interact with all members of the team.
11. Refrain from any activity that could be construed as romantic interest in a national or teammate.
12. Not be involved with illegal drugs and will abstain from consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of all tobacco products while on this trip.
13. Remember that I can be sent home if I do not adhere to this Covenant or if my Team Leader believes it is in my best interest or that of the team.
14. Respect the facilities provided for me. (Take care of the grounds and buildings.)
15. Keep my sleeping area, work area, and eating area clean and neat daily during my stay and before we leave the host country.
16. Be photographed. Pictures may be used on church website, in journals or newsletters and/or promotional materials. I give permission for my photograph to be used in ECC media.
17. Submit the online application for a background check in accordance with Eastview policy on working with children. (Link will be sent to you following acceptance to this team).

*If your behavior demonstrates rebellion against this standard and you’re unwilling to change, you may be asked to leave the team at any time at your own expense. Please return this Team Covenant agreeing that you will abide by this Team Covenant or accept the consequences as stated above.

Deposit Instructions

When and if you are notified of acceptance to this team, please send the appropriate deposit amount (10% of the team fee) to the address below within one week of notification.

Eastview Christian Church
Attn: Sarah Oehler
1500 N. Airport Road
Normal, IL 61761

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Oehler at soelher@eastview.church or (309)451-5007.

If you choose submit and nothing appears to happen, please review to make sure all fields are completed.