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Family Baptism Class

Is your child asking about baptism? Come join us at 9:00 am in Room 1102 (the Alcove by the Sanctuary) to hear what it means to follow Jesus and get baptized! No registration required. Parents and kids attend together, walking through what happens as you give your life to Jesus. Your family will receive some material to work through, along with some helpful questions to help you determine where your child is in this process. We believe children should be old enough to understand sin, God’s forgiveness and their own responsibility to follow Christ. Therefore, though every child is different, we recommend that a child be in elementary school before making this decision. Most children at Eastview are baptized between 2nd-5th grade. We do not baptize babies or toddlers, but if you are interested in dedicating your child to the Lord, check out our Child Dedication ceremony on the Events page.

Normal Campus

Jack Patterson
(309) 451-5040

Normal Campus-Alcove by the Sanctuary

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